Sunday, May 3, 2009

Adam Cook, the brother of American Idol winner David Cook grew up in Terre Haute, Indiana. 

Adam supported his little brother with his singing, pushing him to audition for Idol in 2008. David's guitar reads AC, Adam's initials, in honor of his brother. He was diagnosed with brain cancer in 1998, and discovered that it had spread in 2006. 

He was married to Kendra Cook and has two children. Before his condition worsened, Adam worked as a lawyer. 

Adam got to see his brother perform twice on Idol. In April, Adam flew in a private jet paid for by friends and family to Los Angeles. A local radio station paid for a hotel room across the street from the Idol studio. In May 2008, a private anonymous donor paid for a private plane that would allow Adam to see his brother win in the finale

On May 3, 2009, Adam lost his battle with cancer. It was announced by David while opening Race for Hope in Washington D.C., a benefit walk for brain cancer.